Connecticut Firewood

Stock Level: Firewood (16″-20″) / Stovewood (12″-14″) is available at this time.

All firewood is seasoned hardwood. There is a mixture of maple, ash, oak, birch, hickory, and cherry.

We provide bundles of mixed wood or specialty woods (hickory, cherry, apple). Please call for availability.

Prices: Contact Us For Pricing Information Below.

  • There are no discounted prices for ordering multiple cords of wood.
  • Firewood pieces are cut into 16”-20” lengths
  • Wallingford Tree Service, Inc. offers free delivery to Wallingford, Meriden, and Cheshire.
  • There is a $20 delivery free for North Haven, Hamden, Durham, Middlefield, Middletown, and Southington.
  • Firewood can be delivered throughout the state. Please note there will be a delivery fee depending on the town.

Prices are subject to change, please call for the most accurate prices.

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After super storm Sandy downed trees and hanging tree limbs all over my yard. Wallingford Tree Service came and trimmed any hanging limbs and future hazard, removed the downed trees and returned my lawn to pre-storm condtion. Great Job Guys

Andy Meriden